The Called: Part 2: Many are the Called

Yesterday we started our study of I Corinthians. We learned that Paul was an apostle, that an apostle is someone who God sent as his representative. We also learned that the church a congregation of people who are called out by Jesus Christ to follow him.

There is much more to this story, so before we continue our study of I Corinthians, let us now turn to Matthew 22:1-14.

Here Jesus is telling one of his many stories called parables. In this parable, he says the kingdom of heaven is like a king who was planning his son’s wedding and when it was time to get people to come to this wedding he sent his employees out to come to the wedding.

At that time, there were no phones, emails, and most people couldn’t read so the employees gave each and every person a personal invitation.  Most of the people the king invited said they were too busy. Some had harvest their crops, others had business that had to be done that day so they just didn’t have time. Others said they needed a vacation, they needed a break to spend time with their families, surely the king understood.

A small group (we’re not sure what they were doing, but they apparently didn’t want the king to know about whatever it was)killed the employees of the king. When the king heard about the murders, he was furious. He sent out armies to destroy the ones who killed his employees.

The king looked around and saw that the wedding was ready, but no guests. He was not about to have a wedding without guests so he sent out other employees to go out onto the highways to find anyone who was willing to come to the wedding feast.

Finally the guests arrived, but when the king looked around the room, he saw a man who was not dressed up at all. The guy was wearing the work clothes that he wore in the fields, he had not even washed, and he smelled bad.

The king asked the man why he was not wearing clothes fit for a wedding. The king wondered if perhaps the man could not afford the right clothes. The man just shrugged his shoulders and did not say a word.

The king told his servants to tie the man up and throw him out into the night. The man was crying and very angry that the king threw him out of the wedding feast.

In verse 14 Jesus finished his story by saying that “many are called, but few are chosen.”

In this parable Jesus is telling everyone about future event and in a sense he was putting out the first invitation to the Jews as he was telling the story. The future event is talked about in Revelation chapter 19, which is the marriage feast of the lamb. We’ll talk more about that in a moment, because it is very significant to this parable, but right now, let’s look at the invitation.

The king represents God the Father, and his son (Jesus) will be getting married. God the father wants to invite as many people as possible to his son’s wedding, so he offered an invitation to the Jews, but they rejected that invitation. (Luke 13:34-350, so he sent his disciples (his followers) to go out into the world and give his invitation to the son’s wedding (Act 1:8). People from all over the world from all lifestyles will accept the invitation. That is where the church comes in. People associate themselves with this group of people.

So what is the deal with this man who was thrown out, you ask? Well, I’m glad to you asked. Like I said, the significance is found in Revelation 19 during the Marriage feast of the Lamb.

In Revelation 19:8 it says: ‘And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints. And he said unto me. Write. Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.”

I could go deeper into the significance of the white linen, but as it shows here, the wedding clothes were made of this fine white linen, and it is a type (representation) of righteousness.  How do we know if we are clothed in righteousness? In Psalm 132:9, it says that the Priests are clothed in Righteousness, then in verse 16 it says that they are clothed with salvation. Therefore, this righteousness is salvation.

Acts 4:12 says: “Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name (authority) under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”

There are not many ways to salvation. There is only one and that is Jesus Christ.

Therefore, if you want to be chosen to attend the Marriage feast of the Lamb, you must first accept the invitation. You are called, because you are currently reading this post. Many are called, you have your invitation. Are you willing to be clothed in righteousness through salvation that can only come from Jesus Christ?

If you decide you want to get to know more about who Jesus is, send an email to me at and I will get back to you to help you get plugged into a local church to help you along your spiritual journey. Also, continue reading my blog posts. I pray that the messages that I give will be timely and informative.  I will be posting a new blog post every  morning. If you have any questions, please either put them in the comments below (others may have the same questions). Feel free make comments about this blog.


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