Do I Act like Salt?

You are the Salt of the Earth; but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is therefore good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Matthew 5:13

There are negative and positive attributes of salt.The positivity towards salt in this phrase conflicts with the negative uses of the word salt. For instance, in the Middle Ages, people spread salt on land to poison it, as a punishment to landowners who had transgressed against society in some way. But it is obvious that Jesus was referring to the positive aspects of salt here.

  • Salt is a necessary mineral in our bodies. Without salt, our bodies would not function properly. Our bodies would not be able balance the fluids in our bodies because we lack this electrolyte. As followers of God, we should be creating balance in the world around us.
  • In the Old Testament it was played an important role in the performance of sacrifices and offerings.
  • Salt was used to salt food and give it flavor. As Jesus stated, salt’s flavor was important to its use. He was metaphorically saying that God’s people spice up, and improve life for those around them.
  • Salt was used as a preservative. It prevents foods from spoiling. God’s people acting as salt preserves others from the power of sin and eternal death.
  • Salt is beneficial as a cleansing agent. A sore throat is soothed when we gargle with salt water. We improve the world around us when we are instrumental in demonstrating the good news of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
  • In Biblical times, salt was traditionally used along with other spices when a body was prepared for burial.
  • Salt was considered valuable and was used as a commodity for trading. God considers his followers very valuable.
  • Salt melts ice. A follower of God melts a stone-cold icy heart. When God’s followers share his love with others, hearts are melted, making them open to relationship with God and God’s people.

When we consider someone “the salt of the earth”, we generally mean that these people are genuine, simple, devoted, loyal,giving, and honest. They add value to others around them. I have to ask myself today whether I am genuinely that type of person.

If we lose our saltiness, this verse tells us that we will be trampled under the feet of men.Are we allowing ourselves be used by God in his service? Are we helping create balance in the world around us? Do we spice up the lives of those around us? Do we act as a preservative and a cleansing agent? Are we someone God considers valuable because we display his love to those around us and met the coldest of hearts with his love radiating from us?  Today,  I too have to ask myself if I am behaving like salt. I have to question in what ways that I become more salty as a Christ follower. How will you show your savor today?

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