My Earliest Memories

Since the first of the year, my writing has taken a different direction. I have been thinking about finishing Dad’s book, but I have been busy working on my gardening book: Simply Vegetable Gardening. As soon as that is done, I will focus on finishing Dad’s Book of Poetry and Memories of him.

The Ugly Duckling

One of the last pictures taken of my brother Allen and my Dad together. One of the last pictures taken of my brother Allen and my Dad together. Allen was my first sibling and major playmate.

  I was born in 1959, the same year that the first Barbie dolls stocked store shelves. The doll revolutionized the doll industry, and I revolutionized my parents’ life style because I was their first-born child. Dad called me his “Darling Daughter Donna”.  I had a lot to teach them that first year and they were so confident with their success with me that late the following year Allen was born. I don’t remember Allen’s birth. My first memory was of me in my walker and strolling up to the television set and seeing Lassie on the screen. I remember touching my hand on the screen and feeling the static of the television on my hand. This memory had to be from when we lived at my grandfather’s…

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  1. Well you are a young chick, aren’t you? 1959? I was in 8th grade. 🙂 I love reading about your early memories.

  2. 1authorcygnetbrown said:

    Thanks, Bill!

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