Cleaning Out My Closets

When we're cleaning out the closets in our lives, it is easier when we have friends to help us.

When we’re cleaning out the closets in our lives, it is easier when we have friends to help us.

Every month I have a different affirmation that I am following up with daily action steps. This month my affirmation is: I am organized and productive. One of the things that I have done to fulfill the first part of this affirmation is to clean out my closet.

Closets are Catchalls

What is it about closets that they become catchalls for anything and everything? I think part of it is the fact that we can throw our stuff in there and shut the door and not have to deal with it for the time being. It is so easy just to put them into a box and leave them. We decide that we will deal with them later.

Emotional Clutter

When I was cleaning out my closet, I came across a photo of my mother, my siblings and I at my Dad’s funeral. We didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the last photo that the six of us kids would ever have together. Six weeks later, my brother Allen died and six months later, my sister also would pass away.
As I was cleaning out the closet, the emotions of the loss came flooding back. Three close family members gone within six months. Add to that, I felt the feeling of loss concerning the fact that my husband and I separated after thirteen years of marriage. Emotional pain that I thought I had dealt with came rushing back.

Dealing with the Emotional Clutter

Just as it is hard to part with things that might be in my closet, I am having difficulty letting go of emotional baggage as well. As painful as it is to deal with, like cleaning out the physical closet, I need to clean out this emotional closet in my mind. Before I can get rid of it, I must recognize this emotional clutter for what it is.  Cleaning out my physical space is helping with that.I am going through things in my closet that are reminding me of things that I have hidden away in my heart that I need to face. By facing those fears and hurts, I recognize that I still hold them and they are affecting my ability to move forward.

In addition, knowing that I have friends and family who care about me, helps too. I am very grateful for all the emotional support that I have had. My son loved me enough to try to find a place for me and although it was not ideal for me, I am grateful that he cared enough to help in the way that he did. I am also grateful to my current roommate in that she gave me a place better suited to me. I am grateful to my church friends for not only offering your support, but also helping me get the awesome bed that I sleep in every night. I am grateful that when my other friends hear my story, you voice you support for me. That means a lot. I don’t know what I would do without all of you.

Finally, I have learned that probably the most important lesson of all. I have been talking with my creator. I believe that this is where true healing happens. I find that the one who created me to be the person that I am sympathizes and empathizes with my current circumstances. It is in those situations of loss of loved ones that we realize that God grieves when he loses loved ones sin. He gives me strength when my own strength no longer exists.

Dealing with Your Emotional Clutter

“You Don’t have to Face it alone”

How do you deal with your emotional clutter? Your emotional clutter may not be the sorrow of the loss of loved ones or the grief of pending divorce. Your emotional clutter might be something else. Perhaps you are angry with God and think that he does not care about you. Perhaps you doubt his existence. Perhaps you are angry and unforgiving toward yourself or someone else who is close to you. Perhaps someone has hurt you so deeply, that you simply cannot face the pain that you feel.Help exists, you just have to look for it.

Realize that you don’t have to face it alone.The one who created you wants you fixed and he will help.If you don’t know your creator, ask him to reveal himself to you. He is just waiting for you to ask.

Your creator has placed around you people who want to help you, if you will seek them out. Perhaps there is a family member or friend. You may also seek out a member of the clergy or other professional help.

  1. Billybuc said:

    I’ve already climbed this mountain, Donna, so I can nod my head and say you are right on….and do so emphatically.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      Thanks Bill! It is indeed a mountain that I hope everyone climbs and doesn’t get stuck looking up from the foot of it. It is too easy to look at it and say its too hard, but the view even half way up is worth the effort!

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