Looking back at January Looking forward to February

Janurary’s Affirmation: I am Organized and Productive

What should I do now?

What should I do now?

What I have accomplished in January

My total life makeover is off to a great start. The past month has been a productive a month where I have focused on getting organized and developing my productivity. In the process of getting organized and more productive,  I have been developing my strategy for next month’s affirmation, posts and Bubblews. I have even thought about a few hubs that I intend to add to my list, but as I see it right now, I have pretty much completed most of the hubs that I intend to do on Hubpages. Oh, I will update each of the hubs that I have written and will probably add another hub from time to time, but I pretty much have all the hubs I want. For now, I am going to work on Bubblews and my blog for adding content on line and perhaps I will find another venue upon which to write, but mostly I want to focus on getting my books published, getting them publicity, and growing a following for them.

I am amazed at how much more work I am able to finish every day. I have finished my editing of A Coward’s Solace and have sent off to get a physical copy of it for my beta reader. I told her that I am giving her a month to read it and tell me what she likes and doesn’t like about the book, and especially where she sees holes in the story. I am mostly interested in where I could use improvement. I like considering myself a good writer and a good writer wants to improve on a regular basis.

My next project regarding A Coward’s Solace will be finishing four covers for my followers to pick their favorites. More on this soon. Which brings us to the fact that this month is ending and the beginning of February means a new month and a new affirmation.

February’s Affirmation: I am Energetic, Fit, Strong, and Healthy

This is the body that dieting got me. Let's see where a healthy lifestyle leads.

This is the body that dieting got me. Let’s see where a healthy lifestyle leads.

What I hope to accomplish in February

February will not be about dieting. Even though I do expect to drop weight, February’s affirmation will be about getting healthy and staying healthy. It will be about educating myself about and creating lifestyle changes that positively affect my health. Over the month I will research, examine, and share what I discover, and I will also be living out the lifestyle changes that I endorse.

As I did in January, I am going to be focusing on my affirmation and acting on that affirmation. What will be different however is that instead of doing one thing every day and building on that, I have a checklist that I go by and utilize on a daily basis. On that checklist I include what I eat, what should be eating, the exercise that I get on a daily basis, how much sleep I am getting, and even how I deal with the stress of the day. I may tweak my checklist over the month or it might stay the same.

Continuing with January’s Affirmation

Just because I am adding a new affirmation in February, does not mean that I will stop doing what I started doing in January. In February, I will continue to affirm what I did in January. I  continue to be organized and productive, but I am also Energetic, Fit, Strong, and Healthy. I am love the fact that my life is getting better every day and that is what this blog, the affirmations, the goals, the plans, and the actions are all about.

Was January as organized and productive as you wanted it to be? Will February be just as good or even better?





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  1. Billybuc said:

    I love the positive vibes! Keep them coming. It’s infectious!

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