February’s Affirmation: I am Energetic, Fit, Strong, and Healthy

 A New Affirmation

Its the beginning of a new month. No matter what the groundhog says, (Happy Groundhogs Day, by the way) most people are glad that February is a short month because they are tired of the winter and are ready for Spring. Also, the resolutions to lose weight set by most people in January are a sad memory. That is why I have decided that I would not have a goal to lose weight this year. I made the decision last year not to focus on losing weigh and guess what. I have lost almost 25 pound since then. I wrote a Hubpage article about it  last year (with a recent update) called Healthy Habits that Trump Dieting.

No Shortcuts to Great Health

This is the body that dieting got me. Let's see where a healthy lifestyle leads.

This is the body that dieting got me. Let’s see where a healthy lifestyle leads.

I have learned that there are no shortcuts to healthy living, therefore  I am focusing on is developing healthy habits that will last me a lifetime. Think of it this way. Why did I gain the weight that I gained in the first place? I gained it because I practiced poor health habits, therefore, doesn’t it make sense that by practicing good health habits, I would lose the weight? I embrace NO MORE DIETING! That is exactly what I have been doing, and it has been working, and do you know what? I do feel more energetic, even though it is February and the middle of winter. I am more fit and stronger than I was before. Lately I have been fighting off a cold instead of succumbing to it.

Eating for Nutrition

Healthy eating involves eating for nutrition rather than eating for other reasons. So many reasons exist for eating other than nutrition. Sometimes we eat because everyone else around us is eating. Sometimes we eat because we are bored. Sometimes we eat because it gives us pleasure. Sometimes we eat to punish ourselves. Sometimes we eat to reward ourselves. I have done all the above.

Exercise Is Not a Four Letter Word

Exercise is a healthy habit that I used to think was a four letter word! However, it doesn’t have to be. A walk around the block in the evening can be time connected with loved ones who walk with us. (Who says exercise should be a solitary activity?) Exercise’s benefits are often paradoxical. Exercise helps us sleep, but gives us energy at the same time.

Other Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are more than just diet and exercise. It is also more than just giving up alcohol and cigarettes. It also involves getting enough sleep and relaxation. It involves learning how to effectively deal with stress. Healthy habits also include learning how to simply breath and enjoy the sunshine. (What little of it there is in February). Healthy habits involve getting help when regular measures aren’t working. These measure include going to the doctor, trying out alternative treatments, and taking vitamin and herbal supplements.




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  1. Billybuc said:

    Your affirmation is my affirmation. Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth. 🙂 Have a superb week.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      We should all have this affirmation, right?

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