Staying Hydrated, The First Healthy Choice

glass ofwaterDrinking Water is Like Flushing a Radiator

A few weeks ago, I was having problems with my car’s cooling system. The problem wasn’t that it was overheating. The problem was that it was not running my heater like it should have been. part of the problem was that the thermostat was not working, but the main issue was that the radiator needed flushed. To flush the radiator, my mechanic ran a hose into it and ran water into the radiator to flush out the rust and dirt. He had to do it several times until the the water ran clear. After the flush, the heater ran like it were new.

If we don’t get enough water running through our bodies, our bodies clog up as well. Sixty percent of our bodies are made up of water. Every system in our bodies are depends upon water to keep it functioning. Water is the vehicle which brings nutrients to every cell in our bodies and moves toxins out. It keeps our skin from becoming dry, wrinkled, and flaky.

Staying Hydrated

I have been focusing on keeping my body hydrated this winter, and so far it has been working for me. I have been drinking plenty of fluids. I have also been eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, because fruits and vegetables provide as much as 20% of my daily fluid intake, but ingesting fluids are not the only way that I stay hydrated. After my morning shower,  I have been using good moisturizers  that absorb well into my skin and keeps the moisture in my skin.  I also keep the air in my home well hydrated.

In addition, Ito the minimum of 64 ounces of water that I drink per day and the fruits and vegetables, I try to avoid the things that dehydrate me. Because caffeine dehydrates,  I try to limit my caffeine intake to one cup per day. I don’t drink alcohol another way that dehydrates.

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  1. Billybuc said:

    Well, you just managed to mention something I don’t do enough of. I know it, but can’t seem to remember or work up the desire to drink more water. Thanks for the gentle nudge.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      I like to flavor it with a little lemon, lime or even a little strawberry.

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