How Do You Intent to Go Out?

Imagine the Headline “120 Year Old Woman Killed in Sky Diving Accident”

sky diver

During this month, I am focusing on the affirmation “I am Energetic, Fit, Strong, and Healthy. One of my goals (or at least dreams) is to live to be 120 years old and die in a sky diving accident,. I don’t want it to happen that a sky diver falls on my wheelchair at the nursing home! I want to go out of this world still living. I want to go out like a friend of mine did. She was sitting at the dining room table talking. The person she was talking with was doing something in the room and asked a question of my friend. When my friend didn’t answer, the woman turned around and my friend had died.

A person’s demise may seem like a morbid topic and may seem inappropriate for a month when the affirmation is about health, but I think that this goal is probably the most important goal in my life. Its a SMART goal really. It is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Limited. This is the ultimate goal of all my goals, because with it I might actually be able to accomplish all of the other lifetime goals that I want to accomplish.

Having My Ultimate End in Mind

To accomplish THAT goal, this month’s affirmation is very important, because only by living this affirmation now, will I be able to achieve that goal or most of my others for that matter. Right now I have no serious health issues. I have a strong heart, low-normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, and low cholesterol levels, The worst health issues I currently have are some osteo-arthritis in my shoulders and lower back , bunions, and obesity. I take no medications, but I do take a few food supplements.

The Problem with Medications

Approximately 65% of Americans take prescription medications on a daily basis. In addition, According to the Journal of American Medicine approximately 106 thousand people die every year from prescription medications every year. (only 15 thousand die of illegal drug use). Prescribed medication over dose is the fourth leading cause of death and prescribed complications from medication usage is the sixth leading cause of death behind heart disease, cancer, and stroke. All those medications statistically do not make us live longer or healthier either. These statistics does not come from some obscure source, but can be found in JAMA literature.

I take no medications, but I do take a few food supplements. I believe that good health can’t be obtained by taking medications. I cannot think of any medication that actually cures anything. Most, at best, treat symptoms or kill off disease (along with healthy cells). It is our bodies that heal using the building blocks offered in foods and food supplements. Water, exercise, and rest also play an important part in the healing process.  Promoting my health through healthy practices is the best tools I have available to me to reach my goal of living to be 120.

How about you? How long would you want to live, if you knew that you could live to be 120 years old and still be healthy enough to sky dive? What are you willing to do to accomplish that goal?


2014-04-07 07.07.08

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She is also the author of historical fiction series The Locket Saga. Her upcoming book A Coward’s Solace will be available soon. For info about Cygnet Brown and here books, click here.

  1. Billybuc said:

    Well you and I have two similarities…I don’t take medicine or supplements. I don’t remember the last time I was sick….I wonder if there is a connection???? Yes, I do believe there is!

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      I asked a physician’s assistant what he thought about this very topic. Most healthy people don’t go to the doctor often either. It is a matter of living a healthy lifestyle, isn’t it.

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