Change of Heading

Like Looking For a Treasure

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Recently I read a book about goal setting and the author spoke of the goal as a treasure, the way to get to the treasure (goal) was the instructions to the treasure and the day to day activities as the heading, well the way that I have found myself heading was not quite where I expected to be going this month. The wind in my sails are not taking me quite in the direction that I intended to go this month. I had planned to meet a lot of new people this month, but as it happens, I have instead been reconnecting and solidifying my closest relationships.

Solidifying My Closest Ties

Earlier in the month I spent time with my roommates children and did things with them. Then I connected with a couple of close friends on the internet with intentions of getting together with them at a later date. Then I went to Branson with my daughter.

Tomorrow I will be seeing my son Jonathan who is coming back from Hawaii for a week. I will be driving the 120 miles to my estranged husband’s house to pick up my daughter and take her to a restaurant where her brothers Jonathan and Jeremy will meet us for dinner. I am not certain who all will be there, but we all like Colton’s Steak House so the food will be good. So far, everyone has agreed to the arrangement. Got to love it when a plan comes together. I definitely have to get a picture of all of us together.

Change of Heading

Because of the slight change in direction, I still find myself on course, I just changed the heading a little bit. I intend to next month work on my plan to work on establishing new relationships both in person and online. I am working on some of the ground work now that I wasn’t able to do earlier because of the weather.

I believe that it is good have a flexible plan like the one I am currently utilizing. It does feel more like being in a sailing vessel than on a speed boat though. I am gliding on the water, feeling the breeze in my hair, able to smell and taste the salty sea as I glide across the water. I hear the sea gulls as they circle the ship letting me know that land is nearby. I am just enjoying the journey.

The Edge Of My Comfort Zone

I recently heard a line on television that has me thinking. It was “life is at the edge of your comfort zone”. Although that sounds like a good saying, I personally would change it to read what I think is a more true statement  “growth is at the edge of my comfort zone”. Any time I think of period of growth in my life, i had to step to the edge of my comfort zone.To grow stronger, I have to exercise beyond what is comfortable. To grow in learning skills, I have to stretch beyond what I already know.To grow spiritually, I have to do things that are not comfortable to my ego. I’ve got to help people when I don’t want to, I have to pray when I don’t feel like it. I have to fast when I am hungry.

This dinner with my children tomorrow also takes me to the edge of my comfort zone. I am making sacrifices so that my children can be together for a meal. Not only am I leaving my comfortable home, going out to dinner and spending money,but  I am driving two 120 mile round trips in a single day so that my daughter can see her brother than she hasn’t seen in at least two years. Of course, I want this as much as anyone does! What mother wouldn’t? For a mother, no sacrifice is too much.

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  1. My mentor once told me that if I’m not sweating I’m not growing. Sounds to me like you are growing and that is always a good thing. Best wishes!

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      This year of growth has certainly heightened my sensitivity to the world around me, especially those diamonds in my own backyard.

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