Who was Mary Mother of Jesus, Really?

Mary mother of jesus passion of christ

Was not like the woman portrayed in The Passion of the Christ. In the passion of the Christ, she seemed to be all knowledgeable about Jesus’ mission as Savior. Although i will demonstrate in the coming posts that other women did seem to understand his mission better than the men around him, his mother did not comprehend exactly what Jesus had come here to do until after the resurrection.

She was a simple woman. unlike the men of her day, she was not educated in spiritual matters in the same way that young men were educated.  As a young girl, she was espoused to a Judean man named Joseph. I use the word Judean man because Joseph was not  originally from Nazereth as most traditional sources seem to indicate. If you look at this map of first century Israel, you will see that Bethlehem is in Judea whereas Nazareth is up in Galilee. Many skeptics voice doubts about the population count by Caesar Augustus and the fact that they had to go into Bethlehem to be counted. Yes, it was the home of his forefathers, but Joseph also lived near Bethlehem. He went into Bethlehem to be counted, and while they were there, Mary went into labor so they had to find lodging. (They may have lived close enough to Bethlehem that in normal situations they could have gone to Bethlehem and gone home the same day.) They could find no place to stay, so they stayed in a stable.

first century Israel

After Jesus was born, they went home. After they were home, the wise men came into the area and visited Herod and brought the gifts. Joseph had a dream in which he was told to flee into Egypt. After a time, he had another dream that told him he could return to Israel, but rather than return to his home in Judea, he took his family to Nazareth in Galilee so to protect Jesus from Herod who governed Judea.

Mary put all these things into her heart and pondered them. Many Biblical scholars believe that she would later tell Luke about this time in her life which is how her account in this came to the Bible.

Mary Had Other Children

God had instructed Joseph not to have sexual relations with Mary until after Jesus was born. After that she had several more children. Matthew 12:47-49, 13:55, Mark 3:31-34, Luke 8:19-21, John 2:12, 7:3, 5, and 10, is evidence of that fact. She four sons and at least two daughters. At the beginning of the book of James, James says that he was the brother of Christ. This is significant because Catholic tradition indicates that Mary remained a perpetual virgin, but Biblical evidence indicates that is not true.

At the Wedding at Cana, Mary asked Jesus to help with the wine shortage dilemma. Although she knew that he had miraculous abilities, he told her that it was not yet his time.

Mary and her sons later came to see Jesus and Jesus pointed out that his brothers and sisters in Christ were his family rather than his physical family whom these individuals represented.


She was at the Crucifixion

Mary watched as her eldest son was crucified. While at the cross, Jesus gave his responsibility of care of his mother, not to one of his natural brothers, but put her in the care of one of his closest spiritual brothers-John.

She was in the Upper Room at Pentecost

After Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, in Acts 1:14 Mary is included among the 120 who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. After she had pondered the facts of Jesus’ life, she became a part of  what is now known as the Christian community.

My Personal Take Away From This Character Study

Mary was an ordinary woman called by God to do an extraordinary task.. She was called to be the mother of Jesus. She did not understand the significance of her assignment until after Jesus had finished his mission on earth.

God uses ordinary people all the time to do extraordinary tasks. As long as I remain faithful to him, he will use me in extraordinary ways.

Traditionally, we learn one thing, but the Bible clearly tells us something different. Therefore, I need to take responsibility for my own understanding and do my own  Bible study.

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  1. Let’s hope we are ready when we are called to action. 🙂 Have a great week.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      At first I was not sure what you meant, but after i thought about what you were saying, you are saying that we need to be ready to do what God has called us to do at the time we are called. Mary was ready, even as a young girl to do what God wanted her to do. She never said it was impossible, she only asked how it was possible.

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