What I have Accomplished This Month

What should I do now?

This month I have been working on my spiritual life. What have I accomplished during the month of April?


Affirmation Goal Completion This Month

January-“I am organized and productive” I have been reading the book by Vic Johnson: 50 lessons I Learned From The World’s #1 Goal Achiever.I have read it twice and now plan to use it as my focus for next month’s blog posts.

February “I am energetic, fit, strong, and healthy” I have continued eating right, however, I have been exercising as I would like. I have however been drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest. I have continued to drop weight this month, however, it is not reflected on the scale because I have recently started using a newer scale that weighs me eight pounds more.

March “I First seek to Understand, then seek to be understood” In the context of this affirmation, my roommate and I have decided that sharing this house is not something that we should continue doing. I like peace and quiet and her family is loud. I have been spending a lot of time by myself and that makes her family uncomfortable. No one has done anything wrong, its just that we have different lifestyles.

April’s Affirmation: “I am a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body.”


I have started Attending A Church On Wednesday Nights

I work twelve hour shifts on the weekends for what I call “cash flow”. Therefore, at present, I am unable to attend church on Sundays. However, I have started attending a church on Wednesday nights. We have been studying the book of Revelation. It amazes me how much I have retained over the years concerning this subject and I have put in a lot of valuable information toward the overall conversation. The members of the congregation who have attended this Bible Study have been very receptive to my input.

This Month’s Online Bible Study about Bible Women

This month’s online Bible study that I have done, both here and on Bubblews, has been received very well by others. I really enjoyed the work that I put into this study. I see a parallel with gardening articles that I put out last year..Those articles lead to last year’s publication Simply Vegetable Gardening.  I find that I am able to help others concerning understanding the Bible. Since my books have a Christian orientation, I think that I need to put myself out there as a Christian speaker either for regular church services or for women’s ministry.

Book Publishing Goals

Earlier this month I gave away a number of my first book When God Turned His Head. on Kindle. I was rather disappointed with the results of the give-away. Thankfully, a couple of writer friends told me that the book still needs work so it is probably good that the book did not do as well as I had hoped. So I am going back and working on that book some more. If it weren’t for the fact that that book is the doorway to the rest of the books in the series, I might just let it stay as it is. However, that is not an option at this point. The book except for certain things has been well received by those who have read it. There are still a few things that I need to fix. It’s worth making the book better.

In addition, I have been talking with someone who tells me that the series can look a little more professional. Some of the suggestions are that I should get a professional photo taken of me as the author and that the novel series needs a more cohesive feel regarding its cover design. This coming month, I intend to make a priority of getting this work done.

I am still on target for getting three books published this year. A Coward’s Solace is ready for publication. I just need to get it out there. The other two Sailing Under The Black Flag and In the Shadow of the Mill Pond are still little more than rough drafts. I intend to change that in May and June.

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Donna Brown is an ordained minister. As Author Cygnet Brown, she  has recently published her first nonfiction book: Simply Vegetable Gardening: Simple Organic Gardening Tips for the Beginning Gardener

She is also the author of historical fiction series The Locket Saga. which includes When God Turned His Head and Soldiers Don’t Cry, the Locket Saga Continues. Her upcoming book A Coward’s Solace will be available soon. Click here for more information about Cygnet Brown and her books.


  1. I would call that a good month. Of course, I firmly believe that any month spent writing is a great month. 🙂

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      Thanks Bill! I am certain that you have had a good month as well!

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