Affirmation for December: I am Forward Thinking

Just because we are at the end of the year does not mean that I have completed my total life makeover, however, because we are at the end of the year, we are going to look back over the past year and look at the affirmations that I have created and look at how I have changed during that time.
Lets look back and see where I am with each affirmation that I developed over the past year.
The first four months were centered on improving my life personally. I worked on changes that changed me on a personal level.
The second four months related to me changing as it related to my relationship with business. This also occurred on a personal level, but it related to how I dealt with business issues.

Affirmation for December

During these last four months of the year, I focused on building my business I took September and October to work on a business plan, and in November I wrote the first draft on another novel (product creation) Which brings us to December, the last month of the year.
This month’s Affirmation is: I am Forward Thinking. In some ways this takes me full circle, because I plan to write affirmations all over again next year. As the year cycles from winter into spring, into summer, into autumn, and back to winter, I cycled through them as well. As it says in Ecclesiastes “to everything there is a season and to every purpose under Heaven.” In my business, I am also learning to move with the seasons. Right now we are in the Christmas season and over the past several months I have been building my business and taken advantage of that season. Now that the holiday shopping is in full swing, that season of preparedness is over. I have one more event planned for next Saturday and then I will be devoting my time in working on next year and the goals that I intend to fulfill during the next 366 days.

IMG_8330 final copy

Donna Brown is pastor at Faith in God Church in Brandsville, Missouri.  As Author Cygnet Brown, she  has recently published her first nonfiction book: Simply Vegetable Gardening: Simple Organic Gardening Tips for the Beginning Gardener

She is also the author of historical fiction series The Locket Saga. which includes When God Turned His Head and Soldiers Don’t Cry, the Locket Saga Continues, and most recently, A Coward’s Solace, Book III of the Locket Saga.For more information about Cygnet Brown and her book, check out her website at .

  1. Billybuc said:

    We are having a tough December so far, financially, but as with all things, this too shall pass. Have a terrific Wednesday.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      I sincerely pray it all gets better for you! I did have terrific Wednesday. Just got the internet at my new office today (Thursday).

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