Gardening Tips–Making Delectable Desserts and Planning a Fall Garden

Today is my son Jonathan Robiinson’s birthday. If you know Jonathan be sure to wish him a happy birthday! Happy Birthday, Jon!

Easy Apple Bread Pudding

I have been noticing how big the apples have been getting on the trees! Everywhere I look here in Pennsylvania, I see old apple trees and it reminds me that its time to make Easy Apple Bread Pudding. Here’s a link to my recipe.

Here’s a photo of some Apple Bread Pudding that I made in cupcake papers. This way we can have this delicious dessert anytime!



Easy Raspberry Chocolate Pie

Here’s another dessert that I love to make. I especially like to make it on hot days when it is too hot to cook. Check out my recipe for Easy Raspberry Chocolate Pie

If your family likes cream pie , your family will love this! Get the recipe here

So Delectible, it is hard to believe that it is this easy!

Growing Summer Squash All Summer Long

Remember last week when I mentioned that summer squash becomes over abundant during the summer months? Some years, however, summer squash fizzles out after high temperatures. If this happens to you, you don’t necessarily have to call it quits with summer squash. if you have at least 50 dys until the next expected frost, you can grow another crop. Read about this in the article Growing Summer Squash all Summer Long


Now is also the time to start thinking about starting a fall garden. Here’s a video that can give you some details on what grows in the fall and how to do it.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend! If you enjoyed it, please share on Facebook and Twitter!

IMG_8330 final copy

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