Remember God’s Promises and Don’t Doubt

(Scripture Reference: The book of Exodus)

israelites in captivity

The Israelites spent over 400 years in Egypt after Joseph’s intervention on their part. For a while things went well for them. They seemed to prosper there, however, as the years passed, the Pharaoh didn’t remember Joseph’s dreams and his help to Egypt.

The king saw how the Israelites were blessed in material goods and healthy children and he was afraid that they would take over the country. He determined that he would control them to the point that he asked that all the baby boys be killed so that the Israelites would have to marry their boys so that the Israelites would assimilate into the Egyptian culture and would no longer separate themselves in Egypt.

Egypt is associated with our sinful nature. Something similar has happened in the US in recent years. We have played around with sin. Even we Christians have seemed to have forgotten the positive effects that God has played in this country. Now the Non-Christians of this country see how God often blesses Christians and the world around us becomes jealous over our blessing from God.

The children of Israel spent more than four hundred years in captivity. For over 400 years, the children of Israel begged God to deliver them from their servitude. Today, Christians in our country are seeing their rights and blessings eroding before them.

When God finally rescued them from their servitude, the Israelites continued to have their doubts about God. God kept them wandering in the wilderness until Joshua trained up a generation who would not doubt God’s promises.

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