Friday Gardening Tips-Save Your Vegetable Seeds To Grow Next Year


Use Heirloom Seeds for Seed Saving

Do you know that you can save your vegetable seeds from one year to the next? Some people worry about violating Monsanto’s seed patents, but the truth is, the seeds that you get from a seed catalog or from an online source is not GMO. Unless you have signed a form saying that you will not save seeds from a plant because it is GMO, your garden produce is not GMO. If eating GMO foods is something you don’t want to do, then growing your own garden produce would definitely give you the security of knowing that the vegetables that you are serving your family are not GMO. The main concern with vegetables that you grow in a home garden is not from GMOs, but the concern whether you are growing heirlooms or hybrids.

If you don’t know the difference between hybrids, heirlooms, and GMO plants, check out the article that I wrote: The Difference Between GMO, Hybrid, and Heirloom Seeds

How to Save Different Types of Heirloom Seeds

So, as you see, unless you want to experiment cross breeding, the seeds you really want to save heirloom seeds. Several of my articles include a section on how to save seeds. Check them out!

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And, of course, we cannot forget the video. This time we have: Vegetable Seed Saving Video-The Basic Rules! Enjoy!


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