Which Cover Do You Think Best Fits This Book?

The Title is:

Living Today, The Power of Now

This is the Description of this book:

What if you only had one day to live? The truth is, you only have one day to live and that day is today.

Today, and only today, you have the power of now, and it is strongest when you know that you are on the right path.

From Living Today, the Power of Now, discover how to:

  • To Focus awareness on the present moment.
  • Tips for obtaining fire starting focus
  • How to change bad habits to good habits
  • Create a Time and a Place to dream
  • Take Worry Out of Your Life
  • Learn How to Build on Past Experiences
  • How to Overcome Fear
  • How to Let Go of Regret
  • The value of forgiving yourself and others
  • And much more

Now Please Help Pick Out the Right Cover!

Cover A


Cover B

Cover C

Cover D

Cover E

Cover F

Would You Like to Win An Autographed Copy?

If I can get more than ten people to vote, I wil put the names of the voters into a hat and choose one to receive an autographed copy! Will you be that person?


1 comment
  1. Heather Styer said:

    I like cover B 😀

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