Techniques to Market My Books Over the Next Ninety Days

June 19, 2017

June is Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month! As a self-publishing author, I enjoy taking responsible for my own marketing success. This month I am focusing a lot of my energy and time on self-publishing marketing projects. It is all part of my goals in building my publishing business during the next ninety days.

The Trouble With Traditional Advertising

I have seen a lot of articles lately regarding advertising to sell books. People think that the easiest way to get results from marketing is to create an ad campaign and wait for the results. What people don’t realize is that taking out ads is one of the least effective ways of getting results from marketing. The cost per book sale is more costly than The best way is and has always been through word of mouth and referrals.

Word of mouth can come in many different ways. One way for me to get word of mouth is for friends and family to get the word around about my books. Another is to attend live events like fairs and festivals and introduce myself to others in person. Still another way is to let people get to know me by speaking at meetings or conferences. I can also create live events of my own. On July eleventh, I am going to be attending an event that was created for me at the libraries in Mount Vernon and Marionville, Missouri.

Although I enjoy the live events and\ would love to be able to have more of them, they are costly and offer an even lower return on investment than the advertisements do for book marketing success. So what are good ways to market my book that has a better return on investment?

Free Online Marketing Techniques I Will Use During the Next 90 Days

1, Building blog and newsletter traffic-by joining with other authors through guest blogging.

Building blog and newsletter traffic is easy when I join other authors through guest blogging. It is a win-win for both of us because both my audience and the other author’s audiences benefit from the same post. Both authors also benefit.

2. Getting Reviews

One easy way to get rviews is to offer free pdf copies of Living Today, I to anyone who will agree to do a review of the bookMedia Coverage-By sending press releases to targeted media contacts.

3. Media Coverage-By sending press releases to targeted media contacts.

I can takp resposibility for my own media coveragp by sending press releases to targeted media contactsSocial Media

4.Social Media

I can increase my social media coverage through Tweets on Twitter and Posts on Facebook and by friending more targetted people on these sites.

Over the next four weeks I am going more in depth and explain how I plan to utilize each of these in my own 90 day marketing campaign. I will then use these strategies as the basic principles of book marketing I will use over the next ninety days.

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  1. A very realistic appraisal of today’s marketing scene for writers. Thanks for sharing and I agree with what you said.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      I guess it goes back to the saying “if its meant to be, it’s up to me!”

  2. Lorna said:

    When my sister had a business, I researched for her. I am very business smart. Her approach was entirely wrong and costly. I figured she was not even making one cent per hour. I know you are moving in the right direction. Online has increased immensely. One thing I noted in my Kindle Unlimited was that by reviewing I received more books by authors and notified when first come out even though fee. The negative aspect of reviews was that there would always be one that wrote out entire I wanna be author. Ugh! Blogging, Twitter, so on excellent moves. Important is the one on one, face to face meetings. Older people prefer this and referrals by friends and family. The middle age want to learn but too often copy a popular author’s work with change of names, location, ..minor details. Younger generation seem to be attracted by adults giving them actual book, meeting authors, Online, films. But I believe younger people are getting, being pushed into reading thus often end up enjoying reading. I read a book where the author broke the rules of book writing! Unbelievable. It was as if series ended but it did not! I haven’t seen that the next book is out yet. I am glad you sent this and so sorry not getting back to you sooner. Humm… Author’s expectations. With so much occurring so rapidly as well the constant changes in seconds it seems figuring out the how to can create slower results I believe. For example, my Kindle Fire is JUST for reading and games. I am on now on my Smartphone. I received this on it but don’t know how to transfer ONLY book, PDF.. Unfortunately this has caused me not to read author’s new books. Hope this helps Donna.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      Thanks! For your input!

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