Kelp: A True Superfood

August 7, 2017


I learned a number of years ago that kelp is an excellent supplement not only for me, but for my pets, livestock, and the Soil. Kelp is a form of seaweed that I think everyone should know about. This is why I wrote this book.

Food Supplement

Probably many of our health problems relate to the lack of trace minerals. Kelp contains every trace mineral our bodies need. I sprinkled kelp powder in my animals’ food. (Chickens loved it, goats not so much, but they ate it). I took it in tablet form. Kelp is chep and  in my opinion, it is far more effective as a food supplement than most food supplements that cost three, four and even five times as much.

Gardening Aid

As it states on the cover of my book Simply Vegetable Gardening, I started gardening over forty years ago. During that time the only way I ever gardened was by using strictly organic methods. I used my household food garbage and yard wastes and composted them (sometimes directly into the garden). I fed the soil. Kelp and DE were the only supplements I ever bought for my garden. When I put kelp into the planting holes when planting tomatoes, they never have blossom end rot (a common problem locally).

High Iodine Content

Kelp is high in iodine, is in a form easily absorbed, and therefore is a great supplement of that mineral. Iodine protects our bodies from the effects of radiation both from the sun and nuclear fallout. In addition, iodine supports the thyroid so kelp might help in weight loss.

Good For Ecology

Extensive Kelp growing could in many ways be used to improve not only the soil but also the oceans by removing excess nutrients causing dead zones when harvested. By taking these excess nutrients and putting them back on the land, the nutrients are moved from where they are not needed back to where plants, animals and even people are deficient in the nutrients it provides..

What others are saying about Help from Kelp


“Well researched! A must read for everyone interested in natural methods” Beatrice Jordan


“Well research and filled with interesting information! Wonderful book with great information. Highly recommend if you have ongoing health issues. Well research and filled with interesting information about minerals and health. After reading this informative book I ow take kelp supplements.” Another Kindle Reader

Now is a great time to check this book out for yourself. Beginning tomorrow, (Aug 8-12, 2017) this nonfiction book Help from Kelp will be available FREE on Kindle Click here to get your free copy


Another New Book,  Now Accepting Pre-orders


Cover B

In my upcoming book, Living Today, The Power of Now, I wrote this book primarily to help myself make better use of every day that God has giving me. The book will be launched on Kindle, on September 8, 2017. Be of the first copies by following this link to pre-order now.



  1. Garden aid, yes! Me eating it? Not likely! LOL Have a great day, Donna!

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      Try it in the form of a capsule or a tablet. It is cheaper and better for you than most so called vitamin supplements.

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