One Less Thing!

January 15, 2018

Do you remember in the movie Forest Gump when Forest is sitting at the bus station and is telling about how Lieutenant Dan took over the day to day business of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Business and invested in Apple Computers making Forest a “gazillionaire” giving Forest “one less thing to worry about? If you don’t know this scene, here  is a link to it on YouTube

Your One Less Thing

Although I cannot offer you a deal like Lieutenant Dan gave Forest, I can offer you a chance to have more than one less thing to worry about. I am offering you some tips on getting rid of clutter in your life.


Now is a good time to declutter. January is  not only a good month for resolutions, but is a good time to clear out the clutter that we have accumulated over the past year. By getting rid of the things that clutter up our space and time, we can make more room for those things that will improve our lives and create better opportunities. Every day, I have been putting aside some time to deal with one area of clutter.

Here are five different types of clutter that I am clearing away.

Physical Clutter

Right now is a good time to go through every closet, look through every draw, and look under every bed and determine what you should throw out, what you should give away and what you really love and want to keep.

if you bring something out of a space and decide that you are going to get rid of it, put it in a location where it can easily be disposed of.

Since before Christmas, my family has been going through our house and clearing the clutter that we have accumulated over the past year. Anything that we haven’t used during the past year, we decide how much we really want to store it. As much as possible, we try to determine that keeping it probably isn’t in our best interest.

In addition to tossing trash, some of the things we are getting rid of are being recycled. Clothes and household are getting sent to goodwill. Plastic bags are recycled at the grocery store. Recently we discovered an electronics recycling place where we can safely discard old computers, other electronics, and batteries.

Paper Clutter

One of the things that I have done for a number of years is to get rid of as much of it as possible as soon as it hits the door. I go through the mail over the trash can, immediately discarding any junk mail and getting rid of useless mailer inserts.

Some paper however, does accumulate over time and going through it is still necessary. Now is a good time to go through papers that we have accumulated over the past year too, because tax time is here. While we are going through our financial papers in preparation for our taxes, we clear out the paper clutter that regardless of care, invades our files.

Body Clutter

People don’t always think of extra weight from the holidays as clutter, but really it is. the best way to get rid of excess body clutter is to focus on healthy eating and healthy exercise. Drinking plenty of water, especially now in the winter months helps clean toxins from our bodies.

Digital Clutter

The week before Christmas, my laptop that I have had for five years decided it was ready to retire. Because it gave me such good service, I went out and bought a newer version of the same machine. This gave me a good reason to clean out the files I stored on the laptop as I transferred from one to the other. I started by deleting files that I stored because I needed them for various projects, but that I had long since finished. I then deleted older versions of finished projects an\ organized what was left into a usable format.

I then re-examined other files used for projects that I had long abandoned and determined whether I should return to these projects or file-13 them. (delete them to the recycle bin).

In addition, I worked to get rid of emails and other digital files that no longer served me. Because I knew that this process should be a more routine part of my online file management, I determined that I needed attack a certain aspect of digital file for at least fifteen minutes every week.

Emotional Clutter

If you didn’t do it with the good cheer of the Holiday season that just passed, January is a good month to forgive, get rid of stress, and learn to relax. During my last post, I mentioned mindfulness so I am not going to repeat that here, however, it does bear repeating that getting rid of emotional clutter will help improve your health.

Time Clutter

I decided to do a time journal where I write down everything that I do for a week and find those things that I do that waste time and get rid of them. This doesn’t mean that I need to get rid of relaxation time. Last week, we saw thp value of relaxation through mindfulness. What this simply means is that we have to plan relaxation time.

Living Today cover 2

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  1. Billybuc said:

    All great points! We made a decision several years ago to live simply, so we de-cluttered at that time…it sure makes life much easier to navigate.

    • 1authorcygnetbrown said:

      Yes it does. Also makes it so much easier to make the most of every day!

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