Why a Business Owner Should Not Plan to Use a Traditional Publishing Company to Publish a Book


In my last post I wrote about why I thought that business owners should write a book related to his or her expertise. If you have not read it, here’s a link back. I would hate for you to miss it.

In this post I am going to explain why I believe that once the business owner has written the book, that book should be self-published, and then that book should be printed by a print-on-demand book publisher.

Why Self-Publish?

So What is self-publishing? To self-publish, does not mean that the author does all the work alone. It simply means that the author has complete control over the publishing and distribution process.

A business owner should self-publish his or her own book for several reasons. One reason is that unless the business book author is already famous, this author will have a difficult time getting big publishing companies to take on their publishing project.
Another reason expert business authors should self-publish is because when the author sells out to a big publisher, that author often sells all rights to that publisher. When an author self-publishes however, that author keeps all rights to the book. If the author wants to sell copies of the book in his book and mortar, the author can. If the author wants to sell digital books, the author doesn’t need to ask permission to sell his or her own book on Amazon. If the author wants to create YouTube videos based on information found in the book, he can do it without violating a contract with the publisher because the author IS THE PUBLISHER. A final reason to self-publish is that the publishing process can take just a couple of months of hard work rather than spent waiting up to two years for the publishing company to get around to publishing your book.

Why Use a Print on Demand Service?

I believe a business owner who writes a book to promote his or her business should also consider using print-on-demand for the printing of his or her business book. The reason is this. No one wants to have boxes of books in their basement or garage that they can’t give away!
A print on demand printer offers the ability to get thousands or just book printed. Therefore, you can buy just enough books to sell during a specific period so that you don’t have to store thousands of books.
Here’s what I suggest. Get just one copy of the book and put it on display at your business and show all your customers. At this point you will start marketing your physical book. More about how to market your book in my next post.
For more information about how to self-publish and where you can have your book self-published as a self-publisher, contact me at cygnetbrown@gmail.com. Not only can I help you with this information, but I can help you format your book for print and digital format, show you where to get a cover made, and get your book printed via print-on-demand.

Learn More About Using a Book to Promote Your Business

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Don’t Yet Have a Book to Publish? Have a book to Publish, but need more details on how to publish and how to market that book? Check out my book: Write a Book and Ignite Your Business.

Intrigued by the idea of writing a book to promote your business, but aren’t sure what exactly would be involved? Read my book: Write a Book and Ignite Your Business


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