Review of Biggest Little Farm

Three Thumbs Up (I like it so much, I had to borrow someone else’s thumb!)

A couple months ago I was talking with my son Jonathan and he brought up a movie that he had seen that he knew that I would like. It is called The Biggest Little Farm. For that matter, he said that the entire movie reminded him of me. He said that he was so sure that I would like it that he would send it to me. I watched an interview about the movie online. Here’s the link

It arrived on a Thursday, but because I had a list of other things I needed to finish, I didn’t watch it until Sunday. I was glad that I waited until Sunday to watch The Biggest Little Farm because it was something that I am glad that I was able to watch at my leisure.

What is it About?

The movie was about a couple John and Mollie Chester who adopted a black dog with blue eyes called Todd. Todd didn’t like being alone and would bark while they were gone. This didn’t bode well with the apartment dwelling neighbors. They were evicted, but Mollie had a dream and John went along with that dream. They found a financial backer and then found land an hour from Los Angeles to make this dream come true.

Their dream was to grow everything they could in harmony with nature. They hired a professional permaculturalist named Alan Miller to help them do what it was they really wanted to do. The movie followed them through the next seven years and demonstrated the downs as well as the high points.

Movie with a Heart

The Biggest Little Farm isn’t just a documentary. It is and entertaining movie. It includes stories that provided drama as well as comic relief. (The Emma Pig and Greasy Rooster Affair) It is a movie that the whole family can enjoy. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make a transition into a healthier lifestyle or to anyone who thinks this lifestyle is a cake walk, and it encourages those who are struggling in this journey.

Observe and Learn

My biggest take away was when John makes a very important discovery around the seventh year, and that is this: Observe before making changes. When you see what’s going on, and understand it, the answers and solutions become obvious. The problem in one area can be the solution to a problem in another. It will be lesson that I plan to implement when I move to my homestead this spring.

I liked it so much I have to share it with everyone!

I am going to be showing this movie to as many people as I can. As my son Jonathan recognized, does sound a lot like what I want to do.

  1. I’ve seen it and I loved it! Great feel-good movie.

  2. 1authorcygnetbrown said:

    Thanks for your comment, Bill!

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