Simplify Your Life By Making Decluttering a Daily Habit

If your home looks like this, It’s time to declutter!

Too often when people declutter, they have a once-and-done attitude about the process only to discover that they must go through the whole process again in just a short time. It’s better to take time every day or at most every week to declutter your home.

Begin a Daily Decluttering Habit

Determine when the best time is to do your decluttering each day. Now, pick a second time in which you could do the decluttering during the day if you can’t do the first. Finally, pick a third time that you could declutter earlier in the day if you know ahead of time that you won’t be able to declutter at your scheduled time.

Now, gather what you need to organize what you’ll need to do the decluttering. First, you’ll need several boxes one for donated items, one for donated items to specific people, one for items to return to other parts of the house, and a trash bag as well as cleaning supplies.

Set an Alarm

Set an alarm to go off at the original time that you planned to do your decluttering and set it for that time every day. This reminder is important for making decluttering a habit.

Now determine what you want to declutter that day. If you were working in a specific area of the house the day before, you may want to continue in that area. If you simply want to work on a little here and a little there, you might want to designate a different part of the house.

Once you decided where you’re going to work, take all your decluttering tools into the room where you plan to start working. Set your phone alarm for fifteen minutes.

Pull Out One Item at a Time

Now take one item out of the area where you’re and determine whether you will keep it, toss it, donate to a general collection, or donate to a specific person. If you’re keeping it, put it into a pile ready to return to the area after fifteen minutes.

Keep removing items from the area you are decluttering and determine what you will do with each item until the alarm rings and the fifteen minutes are up.

Put Everything Away

When the time is up, use cleaning supplies to clean the area if necessary or possible. Neatly put the items you’re keeping back into the area you are decluttering. Put the trash bag away. Put the items that belong in the other areas of the house away in those areas and put donated items in your car so you can deliver them when you get a chance.

Enjoy the Process

Do this every day and it won’t be long before clutter will no longer be a problem for you and your family. Do you have a method similar to this for decluttering or do you do something different?

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