IMG_8330 final copyDonna Brown writes under the pseudonym–Cygnet Brown. She chose Cygnet Brown because her maiden name is “Swanson” (a cygnet is a baby swan) and Brown is her married name. She grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania and began writing stories in Mrs. Watson’s seventh-grade English class. From that time on she wanted to become a professional writer, but life got in the way. After graduating high school, she served on active Navy from 1981-1987 as a Neuropsychiatric Technician then in the reserves until 1999. She married, became a mother to three children, stepmother to another, and became a nurse. She resumed writing in October 2008 when she fell in love with her characters all over again. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Argosy University in 2014.

Author Cygnet Brown

Brown currently lives in the Missouri Ozarks. She loves to write and research history. She never knows when she’ll uncover a historical tidbit that sparks another story in The Locket Saga. When God Turned His Head is the first book in her historical romance series The Locket Saga written in 2010. Her second book Soldiers Don’t Cry came out in 2012 and since then she has added Book III: A Coward’s Solace, Book VI: Sailing Under the Black Flag, Book V: In the Shadow of the Mill Pond and Book VI: The Anvil to the series. In 2013 she published her first nonfiction book Simply Vegetable Gardening based on her 40 years of gardening experience. Since then she has written four other nonfiction books–Help From Kelp, Using Diatomaceous Earth Around the House and Yard, Living Today, the Power of Now, and most recently Write a Book and Ignite Your Business.

Credentials as a Writer

Brown is the owner of Ozark Grannies’ Secrets a business she founded in 2023. She has written both fiction and nonfiction books. She has written for Mother Earth News magazine and online article sites including eHow, Busika, Infobarrel, Bubblews, and Hubpages. 


When God Turned His Head (The Locket Saga Begins)

Soldiers Don’t Cry, The Locket Saga Continues

Book III of the Locket Saga: A Coward’s Solace

Book IV of the Locket Saga: Sailing Under the Black Flag

Book V of the Locket Saga: In the Shadow of the Mill Pond

Book VI of the Locket Saga: The Anvil

(Coming Soon) Book VII of the Locket Saga: Two Rivers

(Coming Soon) Book VIII of the Locket Saga: Sunrise over the Mississippi


Simply Vegetable Gardening

Help From Kelp

Using Diatomaceous Earth Around the House and Yard

Living Today, The Power of Now

Write a Book and Ignite Your Business

For more about Cygnet Brown’s books, check out her book page 

Are You Looking for an Editor, Guest Blogger, or Speaker?

Brown edits and proofreads other writers’ manuscripts and helps beginning writers establish their author platforms. She is a teacher and speaker. She is looking for other authors to interview for her website How My Spirit Sings.

Specialties: American History, organic vegetable gardening expert, creating copy and editing copy, writing, editing, and formatting books, and author platform development.

For more information about what Donna (Cygnet) Brown can do for you, contact her at

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