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I’m sure that you know that you will be able to purchase Ozark Grannies’ Secrets LLC’s debut book Gourmet Weeds online stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The problem with this is that it may support the author to some extent, but it doesn’t support the local marketplace. What if I told you that there is a way to not only support your local author, but you can also support your local bookstore by using to purchase the book. We all want to help our local businesses right? And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!


I found out about from IngramSparks, my book distributor and I had to share the website with you. supports both the author and your local bookstore. By joining the site, you can purchase Indie books. These books are often not available in local stores because frankly, independently published books don’t always have the reputation of being well-written or are under-marketed so the bookstores often end up having books by local authors that don’t sell.

Often, too, when local bookstores do accept locally published books, those books are accepted on consignment which means that they don’t purchase the book to sell, but ask the author to leave the books with the understanding that if they don’t sell within a specific length of time. This usually means that the author needs to stop by the bookstore to pick up any books that didn’t sell.

Bookshop is the perfect bridge to enable readers to support both their local authors and their local bookstores. From a list provided by, readers can choose a local bookstore that is affiliated with and then choose the paperback that the reader wants to From the payment that the reader gives to a percentage goes to the author (who is also an affiliate) and another percentage goes to the local bookstore that the reader specified.

You don’t have to leave home to go to the local bookstore. You can order your paperback right there in your own home.

What if your Bookstore is not an Affiliate?

So what if your local independent bookstore is not included in this list on If your local independent bookstore isn’t on the list, do them a favor and show them the website and get them to affiliate with the site. The way I’d see it, you’d be doing them a favor because they are losing money because that money is going to a different local bookstore. (Which may not be all that local.)

Anyone can create an account at

According to’s website

Bookstores with physical locations who are ABA members (with one of the following ABA memberships: Provisional, Pop-up, Mobile, or Storefront) qualify as a bookseller on our platform and can be added to our bookstore finder map, receive a 30% commission on sales, and receive customer order information. Please email Justin Walls at if you qualify.

—’s conversion rate for bookstore shop pages averages 12%. That’s twice the industry average, and means that their stores earn more sales and revenue, without any overhead.
—Our stores’ curated book lists can go viral; a few have driven six-figure sales for several of our stores. They also can rank high on Google search results.
—Over 1000 customers choose a bookstore to support on their store finder map every day.

Support Your Favorite Indie Authors and Your Local Bookstore

I would love to know if you have used and if you’ve used it to support both your local bookstore and your favorite author. Remember too that the book Gourmet Weeds by Cygnet Brown and Kerry Kelley is available on

NOTE FROM CYGNET BROWN-My endorsement for is not compensated for except in the case that you purchase the book Gourmet Weeds.

The paperback is now available to preorder. Be sure to look for Gourmet Weeds on

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