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kaleLast week’s post was about how we can control garden pests. Once we get our garden plants to the point where we are starting to harvest, it’s time to figure out what to do with all of the excess.
First, we’ll start out with a little riddle: What do you call a person who buys zucchini from the grocery store in July? For the answer to this and some answers about using zucchini, look at this article.
What should you do with all that Zucchini?
There’s nothing like a vegetable garden where you can pick fresh food right from your own back yard. However, those don’t do you any good if you don’t pick the vegetables and use them. Here are some of my favorite tips for using the vegetables you pick even if you don’t have a lot all at one time.

Using Every Vegetable in my Summer Vegetable Garden
Back several years ago, I had an incident that convinced me that:
Using a Deep Freezer Shouldn’t Be the Only Home Preserving Method

If you’re not sure what home preservation method to use for all that excess in the garden, check out these two articles about this subject:
Home Preservation Methods—Advantages and Disadvantages
Home Preservation Methods—Advantages and Disadvantages Part II

Of course, there won’t always be excess vegetables in your garden. Because of this, I am including an article about how to save space in the garden. Often I like to plant seeds around the mature plants in the garden so that I can grow additional crops from the same area to save space. For more information about how to save space and time in the garden check out:
Tips for Saving Space and Time in the Vegetable Garden

Yes, it is still summer, but in many parts of the county, it won’t be long before summer will be over and autumn will be here. Here are 20 tips to do this fall that will make your garden next year even better!
20 Fall Vegetable Gardening Tips For Better Results in the Spring

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With the cost of food sharply increasing every time we step into a grocery store, it is time for everyone to create a vegetable garden planner that incorporates new vegetable garden ideas for next season’s garden.

This book is a fantastic place to start. Pick up a copy immediately. Learn how to start a vegetable garden using this common list of vegetables, and learn how to grow them from early spring through winter.
This guide shows you the best ways the author has found to grow common vegetables from the moment the ground thaws in the spring until the ground freezes again in the winter. Cygnet Brown is not a novice gardener either. She has over forty years of practical gardening experience under her belt. Organic gardening methods have become not just a philosophy, but also a way of life. Without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, she has managed to grow many of the family’s groceries and has improved her corner of the planet’s soil in the process. Her use of natural, practical philosophy stems from the premise that “healthy soil produces healthy plants”. Pick up your copy today.


Though Simply Vegetable Gardening is Cygnet Brown’s first nonfiction book, she is not a novice to the publishing world either. She has authored and published two historical fiction books of the Locket Saga: When God Turned His Head and Soldier’s Don’t Cry, the Locket Saga Continues. Cygnet Brown lives in Springfield, Missouri with her husband and daughter. She is working on finishing her Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree.

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